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Curriculum - Humanities



Autumn 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018



The Gunpowder Plot


In this unit students will learn about the Houses of parliament, the government and how a group of men led by Guy Fawkes planned to blow up the houses of parliament.  They will also discuss if plan was actually a conspiracy theory. 

The Black Death


This term student’s will learn how the plague came to Britain and how it spread across the county.  Students will discuss how people died from the disease and how it was finally eradicated including the great fire of London.

The Tudors and The Stuarts


Students will learn about the Tudors and the Stuarts.  Who the Kings and Queens were in the period and the battles of the time.  They will discuss about how religion affected the monarchy.


World Events and Women in the 20th Century


For the first time students will gain insight into some of the famous women through History who have shaped the world including Florence Nightingale, Marie curie and Margaret Thatcher.

They will also look at more recent historical events that have changed the world including 9/11 and Barrack Obama becoming president.

Medicine through time


Students will look at how medicine as changed over time, including the finding of penicillin.  The ability to anesthetise and the medical equipment and practices used throughout history.

Industrial revolution

Students will examine the Industrial revolution.  They will learn how Britain changed between 1750 – 1900.  Students will learn which people were successful during the period and what working conditions were like.




Natural hazards (Physical)


In this unit students will examine the different natural disasters that can occur in the world such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami’s, hurricanes, flooding and droughts.

Urban environments – Places (Human)


This term student’s will look at highly urbanised environments such as areas of India and china.  How sudden growth has changed the environment for plant and animals and the long term effects of the world from over population of these areas

Energy and renewable resources (Environment)


Students will examine why we need renewable sources of energy and look at the different types of renewable energy being used such as solar and wind.


Weather and Climate (physical)


This term student’s will look at how climate change has affected the weather.  Students will look at how the weather forecast is predicted and created.  Students will also discuss how the changes are concerning scientists regarding future climate changes.

Tourism (Human Geography)


Students will learn about different types of tourism and areas that have a high amount of tourists such as beaches, cities and destinations of significant importance.  They will look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in a tourist area.

Different places



Students will look at different places to where they live and discuss advantages and disadvantages between the two places and what makes them different.  Students will focus on the Galapagos’ islands.






Students will learn about the beliefs and practices of Christians.  They will learn what the Holy Book is and the 10 commandments.  They will explore what praying means to Christians and examine the Christian festivals and events.



Students will learn about the beliefs and practices of Catholics.  They will examine how the Catholic faith differs from other religions and their beliefs and values.



Students will examine the Hindu faith.  They will discuss the traditions of the faith, the beliefs and the teachings.  Students will examine the importance of the Hajj to the Hinduism faith.




Students will examine the Buddhists core beliefs, who Buddha is, what the path to enlightenment means and what Buddhists believe about Karma and reincarnation.



Students will this term learn about Sikhism values and commitments.  In this topic students will learn about who Sikhs believe in, the 5Ks and Guru Nanak.



Within this unit students will learn about what it means to be part of the Islam faith, about their beliefs and values and the importance of their holy book.




Students will learn this term that not all people belong to a religion, that some people would class themselves as being atheist – non believers or Humanists.  People who believe in doing good for each other and not because people are scared of being chastised by a higher being.

Alternate Religions


Students will examine alternative religions such as scientology, Jehovah’s witness’ and paganism and what it means to be a member of these religions and what they believe in.  The students will look at their important dates and events in their religions.

World Religions


In this unit students will look at smaller tribal religions from around the world and discuss why in these areas there might be more localised religions.

10 & 11

ASDAN Accredited course in Beliefs and Values.


By the end of the course students will have achieved an ASDAN accreditation in Beliefs and Values