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A number of different therapies are carried out in this school to support learning and physical development.

 The therapies carried out are as follows:


Pupils from Hednesford Valley High school attend Cannock Leisure Centre with a qualified PE/rebound therapist to use some full size trampolines.  A hoist is available so the facilities can be accessed by all.

For a child or young person with a physical disability and learning difficulties, rebound therapy is a great form of therapeutic exercise and fun.

Rebound therapy offers a wide range of positive outcomes from enjoyment and relaxation to improved postural control and balance.  It promotes purposeful interaction and increased eye contact and language skills.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy involves a variety of manual techniques to manipulate muscles and soft tissues of the body.  During a treatment the trained staff will use a number of different strokes varying in pressure and movement to aid relaxation.

All sessions take place in quiet, comfortable surroundings.  Treatments are generally delivered on a one to one basis.

Massage Therapy has been shown to have many physical benefits including:

Phyzzie Group

Twice a week the physiotherapy team and staff run a group called phyzzie group in the hall to music.  This is targeted at pupils requiring improved muscle strength, core stability, general fitness and muscle stretching.

This group was set up to initiate the pupil’s physiotherapy programme to be more part of their everyday routine and to move more towards self-motivated exercise.

The pupils benefit from their regular physiotherapy exercises, general fitness, exercising socially and huge confidence building.  Some of our teenagers have gone on to physiotherapy discharge and now regularly attend the local gym.

Joint Orthotics Clinic

Every month the Orthotist from Stafford General Hospital attends the school for a joint physiotherapy/orthotics clinic where the pupils can be assessed and supplied with orthotics in their familiar surroundings.