Hednesford Valley High

Hednesford Vallery High School

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Vision and Ethos of Hednesford Valley High


At Hednesford Valley High we work to ensure our students become as independent as possible so they can successfully access the adult world when they leave school.


We work with a child centred approach to meet each and every SEN need.


  • To ensure all students feel safe, secure and happy enabling them to succeed working in partnership with parents/carers.
  • To create a suitable environment which allows students to achieve their full potential.
  • To equip all young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence for lifelong learning and independence.
  • To equip students with social skills that will allow them to become active members of the community.
  • To give students opportunities and experiences for healthy life styles and economic well-being.



  • To have a voice and be involved with school developments.
  • To feel safe and secure within the school environment.
  • To access to a broad and balanced curriculum with choices for individual personalised pathways; meeting the students’ diverse needs.
  • To have equal opportunities.
  • To become independent citizens able to access all areas of the local and wider community.
  • To develop social and emotional aspects of learning.
  • To become confident individuals, developing life skills and an understanding of safe use of technology.
  • To be provided with widely recognised external accredited courses.
  • To have their achievements recognised and rewarded.
  • To have the opportunity when and wherever possible to take part in external experiences to promote confidence and well-being.
  • To ensure a smooth transition at key stages into school, through phases and leaving school.


  • To give staff opportunities to access  professional development to facilitate the needs of the students
  • To effectively communicate with and support staff.
  • To build good and rewarding relationships with parents and carers and ensure equal opportunities.
  • To keep parents and carers well informed as to their child’s progress and events within the curriculum through effective communication.
  • To build good and rewarding relationships with student support agencies.
  • To build good and rewarding relationships with local businesses to enable a range of activities and work experience.
  • To work closely with the local community and all stakeholders to enrich the lives of our students.
  • For Governors to carry out their duties diligently and take an active part in the school community.
  • To collaborate with other schools locally and nationally.
  • To work within British Values and to be aware of other values and beliefs.