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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is allocated to schools to provide additional support to those students who qualify for free school meals; are service children or children who have been looked after continuously for more than 6 months.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18

Hednesford Valley High pupil premium grant allocation for 2017-18 is £65,750.

The main barriers to the educational achievement faced by eligible students at the school are:-

  • Low levels of literacy
  • Low levels of numeracy
  • Maintain good attendance
  • To develop and implement a student mentor/buddy scheme across the school to support emotional well being.

How Pupil Premium money will be spent to address barriers above:-

  • Reading intervention project with targeted students due to low literacy levels.
  • To support MLD learners for the linear course of GCSE-mock exams, practice exam questions regularly, revision lessons and packs to go home.
  • Monitor ASD boys in KS3 English – to monitor progress and ensure problem solving opportunities are developed.
  • FSM students in Maths to make better progress in KS4 -groups identified early, regular monitoring and review progress made. Development of teaching maths outside of the classroom in the local community.
  • Early identification of students with mental health using the Early Help Referral forms to action early intervention, to support mental well-being.
  • Every Child Matters Co-ordinator to carry out Safe and Well checks and work with parents/carers and agencies to support good attendance, to enable students to achieve better outcomes.
  • Staff member to be identified to implement the strategies for student mentor/buddy scheme and embed the culture within the school environment .

The impact of Pupil Premium will be measured using outcomes of data by the Every Child Matters Co-ordinator in September 2018.

Pupil Premium Reports

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