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19/11/20 LGr Sensory Bubble


LGr Sensory

16/11/20 Christmas Letter 2020



09/11/20 LGr Sensory Temporary Closure


LGr Sensory

05/11/20 COVID-19 Advice to Parents & Carers



04/11/20 Virtual Learning - Class Dojo

 Y7, Y8


LGr Study, LGr Sensory

03/11/20 COVID-19 Restrictions


20/10/20 Half Term Update


19/10/20 Changes to Sixth Form Timetable

6th Form

16/10/20 Kingswood Residential 2021


06/10/20 Sixth Form Increase


6th Form

30/09/20 Headteacher Update


25/09/20 Show Club (Drama & Dance)



24/09/20 DofE Emergency Contacts


Y10, Y11

23/09/20 DofE Walk Consent Form


Y10, Y11

23/09/20 PHE Letter to Parents/Carers
23/09/20 Destinations Evening  Y11


22/09/20 Weather Warning


21/09/20 Internet Availability Survey  Y7, Y8


21/09/20 Adjustment to Blended Learning


6ADa, 6ABi

17/09/20 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 2020-21  Y9 - Y11


17/09/20 GCSE Art Additional Sessions  Y9 - Y11


15/09/20 ICT Club Autumn Term  Y7 - Y11


14/09/20 Blended Learning at CCHS


6ADa, 6ABi

10/09/20 Parents/Carers Evening Changes
09/09/20 6th Form Youth Club

6ADa, 6ABi

08/09/20 Parents/Carers Evening
07/09/20 Youth Club  Y7, Y8
07/09/20 Welcome Back
04/09/20 After-School Homework Club  Y7


03/09/20 Wolverhampton Vocational Training Centre

10APa, 11JCo

03/09/20 School Holidays and Term Dates
03/09/20 Forest School  8KTu
02/09/20 Return to School
16/07/20 Staffordshire Police 60-second Briefing
16/07/20 SCC - Getting to School in September 2020
13/07/20 New Year 7 Arrangements for September 2020  Y7 from Sept 2020
13/07/20 Arrangements for September 2020