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BTEC - Land Based Studies

Students will study a two year course. This is broken down into 4 separate units.

  • Year 1: unit 1 – Developing Practical Skills for Maintaining Plants - Unit 2- Plant flower bulbs for naturalisation or bedding. 
  • Year 2: unit 28: Assist with maintaining Plants and unit 32: Prepare and plant a container for display.

The units aim to give students an introduction to the skills required to maintain existing plants. Students will undertake simple pruning tasks on a variety of plant material, and will weed, mulch and edge established beds and borders.

Students will learn which tools are the correct tools for the job and  what maintenance is required for each job. They will be given the opportunity to practise deadheading, weeding, mulching and edging established beds and borders with support and develop the skills to complete these tasks independently.

Students will also have opportunities to work effectively with team members by contributing to keeping our garden area clean and tidy. They must also consider the health and safety of themselves and others when working in the garden area and with garden tools.