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BTec - Retail

BTEC Firsts are vocationally-related qualifications designed to develop learners' knowledge and understanding through the application of learning and skills in a work-related context.

Units studied will be Understanding Business and Customer Service in the Retail Sector, this will introduce learners to understanding the important of good customer service and how to help an organisation meet the needs of their customers.

Understanding how a Retail Business Maintains Health, Safety and Security on its premises, this unit gives the learner knowledge and understanding of the procedures required for maintaining health and safety on retail premises.  It also covers employers' and employees' responsibilities in terms of legislation and safe working practices.

Stock Control and Product Management, this unit gives learners knowledge and understanding of stock control systems and the procedures for taking delivery of stock in retail businesses.  It also covers the different methods of storing and moving stock in order to prevent damage or loss.

Through in class activities and work based learning you will be given the opportunity to apply own knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to research, skills and knowledge to work-related contexts and case studies to achieve the skills you require for workplace or education progression.



Students will participate in a weekly leisure session and experience a range of activities in a variety of different settings.  The exploration of a range of leisure activities will promote a feeling of fun and relaxation in a less formal environment with their peers.  Students will be supported to develop positive social interaction within a community setting to enable students to independently access leisure activities outside of school.