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Curriculum - ASDAN

ASDAN offers a wide choice of activity-based programmes for students working at a range of levels.

More flexible that qualifications, these courses offer imaginative ways of developing assessing and certificating student’s knowledge and skills that they have developed.


This course takes an activity-based approach to raising student’s awareness about employer expectations and the working environment. Activities are split into 12 sections; self-management, team management, business and enterprise, problem solving, communication, working with numbers, applying for a job, exploring job opportunities, rights and responsibilities at work, Health and safety in the workplace.

Year 10 / 11 students this year will be taking part in the following activities




Health and Safety in the workplace

Career exploration

Applying for a job

6th Form students this year will be taking part in the following activities




Working with number

Customer Service

Exploring job opportunities


Personal Progress

Personal progress is currently being delivered in Study class. The student’s complete small units of work which collectively they accrue and obtain a qualification. This course is for students who are working at Entry 1 or below and it allows the students to develop new skills and improve their life outcomes.

Life Skills Challenges

These challenges are for students who require a personalised approach to learning. Students work through the chosen challenges and collect evidence of their achievement; this evidence can be photographic evidence. Currently we are doing life skills challenges in study and sensory classes with a science and horticulture theme.