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Independent Travel

At HVH school we have adopted parts of the Travel Training for Independence programme which has been introduced to schools and colleges by Staffordshire County Council over the last few years.

The Travel Training for Independence programme aims to help young people by giving them the skills and knowledge they need to become safe independent travellers.

The system - 
Students slowly builditheir skills and confidence.  Students will be assessed at the end of each task.

Students gradually build their skills – for example showing that they know their way around their own school, then the local area to the school before moving further away.  They will learn to be aware of hazards around them, how to cross the road safely, and what to do if they have a problem.  Students will have to show they can give their name, their telephone number and the address of their school and can contact their home or school by mobile or public phone.
Once they are confident as pedestrians, they will move on to build other skills including using public transport.

The programme is adapted for use in our school and the surrounding environment.


6th Form

The independent travel training programme is adapted to the students individual needs to enable them to gain confidence and skills to lead an independent life in the future.  The programme consists of developing good road safety skills, using public transport to travel between home and sixth form and also work experience.