Hednesford Valley High

Hednesford Vallery High School

Life at Hednesford Valley High


At Hednesford Valley High we aim to give students "an appreciation and love of reading" as well as the skills needed for reading.

On entry to school each student is given a baseline assessment to determine whether they are independent readers or need to be placed onto the school reading schemes.

We have a reading scheme for very early readers: PM Nelson Thornes.  This enables our non readers to become readers.

Our current reading scheme is Dockside.  This scheme is aimed at reluctant readers aged 10+.  It is unique in that it is designed for 21st century’ older beginner readers.  The story lines, use of technology and language are all aimed at older learners. 

Dockside aims to build confidence so that learners can learn to read, read to learn and learn to enjoy reading.

PMLD and SLD students share a range of books in a multi-sensory way including "inprint" texts.  These include books from the PM Nelson Thornes scheme.

Students in year 10 and 11 cover reading units in a variety of accredited courses including English Functional skills and Step up to English and Entry Level Functional Skills.

All students in the school have a reading record book so that parents and carers can record progress when reading at home.  Reading is part of the weekly homework.  All English tutors keep their own reading records; this includes a student's self-assessment sheet.

Every year the students have a reading test to assess their progress in reading.  Reading is monitored termly to track individual progress and to highlight students who would benefit from extra strategies to support reading.  Individual interventions are implemented for those students who need them.

We use a range of techniques to teach reading at Hednesford Valley High depending on the individual needs. These include flash cards, phonics using a range of schemes and programs, including jolly phonics, letters and sounds. The students are encouraged to look at punctuation to aid the understanding of what they have read.

These skills and techniques are taught throughout all year groups.