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Curriculum - Science

Science plays a crucial role throughout the school. The department is developing constantly to provide the best science education for the students. In science all students experience hands on investigation both developing their motor co-ordination skills as well as their enquiry skills.

Equipment is adapted to make the most of all needs within the school from Sensory to national examination level. The department has all necessary equipment and knowledge to run courses up to and including GCSE.

Science KS3 Year 7 Curriculum 

Science KS3 Year 8 Curriculum

Science KS3/4  Curriculum - Sensory & Study

Science KS4 Curriculum - ELC

Science KS4 Curriculum - Year 9 GCSE

Science KS4 Curriculum - Year 10 GCSE

Science KS4  Curriculum - Year 11 GCSE


Science Curriculum Plan 2021-2022


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