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Family SEAL

The staff in the school have been working on Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) outcomes over a number of years.  Each year parents/carers of year 7 students are invited to 6 Family SEAL sessions with others of students in the same year group.

 The Family SEAL sessions allow the following:-

  • Parents/carers to have some time with each other to support each other in a social activity in school.
  • Parents/carers to work with staff in the school.
  • Staff to give ideas to parents/carers about things they could do with their child.
  • Parents/carers to have time without children (we organise a crèche if required).
  • Parents/carers to engage with their children in different fun activities.
  • New parents/carers have confidence to come into school about any issue that concerns them.
  • First 40 minutes parents chat over a coffee.  The second 40 minutes students arrive and do a fun activity with the parents.
  • Parents offer advice and useful websites to each other.
  • Parents off-load and take encouragement from each other.
  • Friendly relaxed atmosphere.
  • Students see school and home working in partnership.
  • Parents meet staff and air views about school, transition etc.
  • Some parents exchange contact details to enable students to develop their friendships out of school time.