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Hednesford Vallery High School

Life at Hednesford Valley High

Governors Introduction

The Governors of Hednesford Valley High are very proud to take an active part in school life. Our vision is to ensure that everything possible is in place to enable our students to achieve to the best of their ability and make progress, to flourish socially and feel safe and happy whilst at school, to become independent citizens in the community.

Whenever possible governors attend special assemblies and events both in and out of school, we frequently lunch with students and enjoy being able to sit and chat informally with them. School Council feel quite happy to contact us with various “wish lists” or news of funding they have been awarded and how they wish to spend it, some of us are involved in the appointment of staff to the school.

Through the Headteacher and Staff we are kept informed of all aspects of school life. Each Governor is linked to a subject area; we have meetings with subject leaders to discuss how National Curriculum is being followed and adapted to meet the needs of our students, to discuss lessons and plans for the future, these meetings are then discussed at the Full Governors meeting.

There are various sub committees of the Governing Body; these allow us to monitor in detail areas such as Finance, Personnel and Buildings (which includes Health & Safety) and Curriculum. Sub committees also ensure that legally required policies and documents are held and are available for Staff, Students, Governors, Parents and Carers and any visitors to school when and where relevant.

Governors receive a report from the Headteacher once a term which keeps us up to date with student’s academic achievements, staffing, special projects, school life in general and any other legally required reports.  We make large decisions about the school in our Full Governing Body meetings and ratify policies in action in the school.

We also ensure that we are aware of what is taking place within the ever changing world of Education and Governance, we do this by attending courses held by the Local Authority and by being affiliated to The Staffordshire Governors Association and in turn the National Governors Association.

Many governors have had children attend the school or still have children attending. We therefore can understand your anxieties and concerns all too well. We are very approachable and more than happy to hear from you about any issues you may have both positive and negative.


Contact us on: 01543 423714