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Life at Hednesford Valley High

Kingswood 2021

Day 1

We arrived at Kingswood by 2pm and then had a tour of the site with Keely. Students went to their dorms and selected their beds and some unpacked too.

Students have enjoyed climbing, aeroball, archery and dodgeball.

Students worked together in scrapheap challenge to make a balloon case with cardboard and pieces of sticky tape won by telling good jokes or playing rock, paper and scissors. The winners burst balloons full of water above the staff heads.

Mrs Rattan had training from the students to play duck, duck, goose.


Day 2

Some students slept really well and snored, others did not sleep well due to the snoring and farting noises

Students enjoyed a range of activities and it was great to see students achieve, gain independence, help each other and be competitive.

The weather was great and all the students and staff spent the whole day outside

Everyone enjoyed the food at Kingswood due to the choices available.  The cook stated to the Headteacher that this year was the first time she had to refill the lettuce!

Everyone stayed up late around the camp file.  Students enjoyed telling jokes and singing.  We all enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Day 3

This morning most students were typical teenagers who woke up late.  All the students enjoyed their last breakfast at Kingswood and then took part in two more activities.  Many students wanted to remain longer at Kingswood.  All had their packed lunches and returned to school to complete an evaluation. (See below)


Kingswood 2021 - Achievements 

Group 1 Student Initials
Best staff climber - Kingswood 2021 Miss Wilcox
Grown in confident to support others on the Kingswood Camp 2021 H.C.
Supported students in the Kingswood Canteen A.F.
Best archer of Kingswood 2021 scoring 26/30 D.H.
Greatest achiever in all activities - Kingswood 2021 L.M.
Most improved archer from 4/30 to 18/30 and worked independently - Kingswood 2021 A.N.
Gold batteries to run the Kingswood Torch R.R.
Highest scorer in Aeroball at Kingswood 2021 L.R.
Highest achiever in Jacobs Ladder at Kingswood 2021 G.S.
Newscaster at the Kingswood Centre 2021 G.W.
Group 2 Student Initials
Highest goal scorer in Aeroball - Kingswood 2021 Mrs Jones
Fastest zip wire performance - Kingswood 2021 K.D.
Fastest rock wall climber - Kingswood 2021 J.J.
Best builder of the executive penthouse shelter - Kingswood 2021 C.F.
Scored the highest goals in their team in Aeroball - Kingswood 2021 W.F.
Best female footballer - Kingswood 2021 S.F.
Scored gold in archery - Kingswood 2021 T.H.
Sports girl - amazing at all sports and activities - Kingswood 2021 K.R.
Team leader who made sure all students took part correctly - Kingswood 2021 A.S.
Group 3 Student Initials
Best male member of staff who supported all the boys Mr Dale
Chief photographer and top rock singer - Kingswood 2021 S.A.
Most determined student in all activities and achieved their best at Kingswood 2021 C.C.
Most supportive student and friend to all students at Kingswood 2021 J.C.
Best joke teller and performer at Kingswood 2021 R.G.
Tried all activities and gave their best at Kingswood 2021 R.H.
Best at Aeroball - Kingswood 2021 M.P.
Climbed to the top of the climbing wall with the hardest challenge - one foot, one hand - WOW!! B.R.
Most improved at archery in Group 3 - Kingswood 2021 O.R.
Fastest styled zip wire performance in Group 3 - Kingswood 2021 R.S.
Best camp fire performer - Kingswood 2021 C.C.

Student evaluation.

Activity Student enjoyment rating.
Zip Wire 16 x 
Rock Climbing  6 x 
Archery  6 x 
Jacobs Ladder  5 x 
Visiting the shop  5 x 
Obstacle Course  4 x 
Hot chocolate, biscuits and marshmallows  4 x 
Camp fire  3 x 
Wedgers  3 x 
Food  3 x 
Sleeping  2 x 
Joke Telling  2 x 
Aeroball  2 x 
Football  2 x 
Dodgeball  2 x 
Den Building  2 x 
Singing  2 x 
Hay Fight  2 x 
Photos  2 x 
Waking up  1 x 
Team Work  1 x 
Free-time  1 x 
Unpacking  1 x 
Scavenger Hunt  1 x