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New Parent/Carer Transition Pack




Dear Parents/Carers 


Welcome to Hednesford Valley High.  I know that changing schools is a big step for children and their family, thus you are welcome to visit the school to support your child’s transition, please contact the school by ‘phone or email and make an appointment with the transition teacher. 

 Hednesford Valley High (HVH) aims to provide quality education for all and value every student as an individual.  HVH has a well-trained and highly qualified team of teachers and support staff.  We believe that every student is able to achieve their best and we celebrate success on a day-to-day basis as we recognise their varied talents.

 All the information you require about the school is on our website:-

www.hvh.staffs.sch.uk.  There are also links to the following (as well as details enclosed):

We are a cashless school and that is why all parents/carers need to set up a ParentPay account.  Uniform is ordered on-line, alternatively it can be purchased from Crested School Wear, 1 Wolverhampton Road, Cannock.

I would like to recommend you look at the ‘Transition’ section under Parents & Carers’ on our website.  If you do not have access to the internet, I would like to suggest you visit your local library or you write in to request additional information to be sent to you. 

I have included the following information in this pack:

Please note, all * items need to be filled in and returned to school before the 11th July  (sight of your child’s birth certificate is also required), so we have all relevant information and contact details. 

Our aim at Hednesford Valley High is to ensure a happy smooth transition to enable students to settle in quickly and be ready for learning.  If you wish to discuss any matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us.