Hednesford Valley High

Hednesford Vallery High School

Life at Hednesford Valley High


The school works with partners to provide the best education possible, every partner is important and plays a crucial role to ensure every student is on a pathway to achieve and succeed.  The list of partners below is not complete because it changes from day to day and year to year.


Parents/Carers are the most important partners that we work with and communication via the Communication Diary is the key to the success of most students along with the IEPs and the annual review.  Many parents/carers contribute and support the school socially through events at the school and academically by working with their child on homework and preparation for the following day.


Local Authority (Staffordshire)

Hednesford Valley is a local authority special school and thus works with the local authority to provide special school places for a range of students with different special needs.  The Headteacher agrees the number of planned places with the authority annually.  The Headteacher sits on the district panel once each half term for the areas of Lichfield and Cannock.  The Deputy Head sits on the District Inclusion Panel.  The school is given an allocation of time with Educational Psychologist (EP) from the SENSS team annually.  SCIPr refreshers are carried out by trainers from the LA to ensure staff are up to date on SCIPr.


This is a company that provides training for education, a number of courses are attended by staff to keep up to date with changes and explore new methods to improve their work.  A number of service level agreements such as HR, Legal, Payroll, Buildings, Catering and Cleaning are purchased from Entrust.


Students at the school are involved in charity work both locally and nationally.  A number of visitors from different charities speak to the students about their work.  The students will carry out voluntary work in local organisations.


A number of professionals regularly visit the school to give advice and ensure that students can engage in learning, develop physical movement and speech.  Also to give advice when there are problems.

  • Physiotherapist
  • School Nurse
  • Speech and Language
  • Orthotist
  • Paediatrician  
  • Occupational Therapist.