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Emotional Support Unit

The Emotional Support Unit (ESU) is a place in school where you can come to for any support, we offer support on a 1-1 basis if you feel you need someone to talk to about any issue that is bothering you or you are worried about.

The ESU have two passionate members of staff that are available to support children and build positive relationships with them within school.

We also have small groups and we work on lots of different topics from friendship, to self-esteem and body image, relaxation and sensory activities to name a few.

The ESU is a friendly relaxed environment that you can come to at any point with any problems, issues or if you just want a chat.

We also like your parents to pop in and see us for a cup of tea and we can help parents with any issues they may have with school or outside of school. We have coffee mornings that we invite different agencies to come in and have a chat with parents about any current and relevant social/parenting issues.