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Life at Hednesford Valley High


To support transition into the school from a number of different primary schools, a number of the students join a nurture group.

 “Nurture groups are an in-school resource for children whose emotional, social, behavioral and formal learning needs cannot be met in the mainstream class” Boxall 2002.

Students are invited to come to nurture once a week to support their learning and emotional wellbeing. We offer a range of activities for students to develop in the areas that have been identified as needing some support.

The nurture group is made up of 6 to 10 students who work with 2 members of staff once a week. The nurture group is a relaxed group and we try to make the environment a comfortable home-like setting.  Within this environment students develop 1:1 relationships with adults and their peers and learn through positive role models how to share, take turns and use language to communicate, trust and care.  This leads to students developing confidence, good self-esteem and the independence for life and learning at school.

The students are assessed before they start attending the nurture group and when they end using The Boxall Profile which consists of 2 sections – the developmental strands and the diagnostic profile.  Once the Boxall Profile is completed the 2 sections are looked at together and attention is given to identify areas of strength as well as difficulty.  They are assessed and monitored by the Nurture Group staff and staff will work with parents to share information to support the individual students.

The crucial work on emotional and social development is further developed through work in the ESU (Emotional Support Unit) on an individual basis or in small groups as well as Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) throughout the curriculum through the school.