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Life at Hednesford Valley High


Students in Year 10 and Year 11 who have demonstrated the ability that they can be responsible for themselves and others have the opportunity to become a Prefect. The Behaviour Support Manager trains and supervises the Prefects. They hold meetings throughout the year to update on specific roles they are to carry out and to provide new opportunities for the prefects to be involved in and around the school that will build on their own personal development.


A few of the responsibilities the prefects carry out through the year are as follows:

  1. Swing monitor- prefect supervises the swing and playground area at break or lunch time.
  2. Toilet monitor- prefect will supervise the toilets at break or lunch time to ensure students go in one at a time and do not linger around the hall ways.
  3. Social support- prefects will attend sessions once a week with Sensory group to support students and help build students social skills for example sharing, speaking and listening, team work.
  4. Support events- prefects will support staff and students in events occurring at the school such as tours for visitors, enrichment day activities, anti-bullying events, Christmas events, coffee mornings etc.


The prefect peer mentoring scheme was put in place in November 2016. This is an opportunity for our prefects to work on a 1:1 basis with a younger student who is struggling and in need of support. They will be provided training throughout the year on how to be an effective peer mentor, and will be guided through the process by the Behaviour Support Manager who will be acting as supervisor of the Peer Mentoring Programme.