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At Hednesford Valley High we recognise the move from Primary to Secondary school can be a big change, both physically and emotionally, for a child.  To help, transition staff start planning for your child’s move many months before the September start.  Here are some of the ways we can help you and your child make a successful transition.


Primary School Visits 

Staff will visit your child at their Primary school where they will introduce themselves to your child, observe them in a classroom environment and talk to staff who work around your child.  Your child will be shown pictures of the school and the staff that will be working with the class and begin to learn about changes they may face.

School Tours

You and your child are always welcome to visit Hednesford Valley High School.  A tour can be arranged where the child can see the classrooms, learning activities and staff.  Tours can be made in school time or after school has finished.

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the school can be found on the home page (link to virtual tour).  You may wish to use this to help your child become familiar with classrooms in the school.

Transition Day visits

Your child will have the opportunity to visit the school for 2 days at the beginning of July.  During this time he/she will do the following:-

  • Be introduced to School Buddies.
  • Meet other students in their class.
  • Meet the staff who will be working with the class.
  • Tour of the school building. 

Have lessons in different classrooms.

  • Make things to bring home.
  • Work in their tutor base.
  • Learn how to buy snacks/drinks at break and lunchtime.
  • Learn how to queue to collect food at lunch time.
  • Experience the school routines, rules and times.
  • Mix with students across the school at social times.

Further information about the school can be found in the transition PowerPoint

Parents/Carers Evening

There will be a parents/carers evening for you to attend in July.  This evening will give you the following information:-

  • Communication diaries
  • Lunch arrangement and sampling of food
  • Uniform – Tie will be available to purchase.
  • Meet staff who will be working with your child
  • Visit the tutor base.
  • Answer any questions you might have. 

Parents/Carers Coffee Morning

After the parents/carers evening there will be a coffee morning, where you have an opportunity to meet with the transition teacher to look at the transition curriculum and the resources used in year 7 lessons.