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Work Experience and Employability

Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important links activities between employers and secondary schools / academies and colleges. This exposure to work is a significant step in preparing young people for adult and working life by developing their personal and social skills as well as the key skills they will need for the world of work.  

The sixth form have developed numerous links with local and national businesses and charities including Tesco, The Entertainer, Co-op, The Longford Centre, NewLife, Hednesford Park and Hednesford Nursery School to name but a few. 

Students are fully involved in the work experience process, discussing with tutors their career aspirations and long term goals.  Each student individually applies for a work experience placement and is expected to undertake an interview to prepare them for the process they will experience in the real world. 

Work experience is facilitated for each student in sixth form, regardless of ability, through the use of supported placements, transport provided by school and/or travel training where appropriate. 

Work experience is supported by the study of the ASDAN Employability qualification, ranging from Entry Level 2 to Functional Level 2. 

The ASDAN Employability qualifications provide a framework for developing and recognising general employability skills. At all levels, 6 credits are required for an Award, and 15 credits are required for a Certificate. Each credit is around 10 hours of learning time. 

The Entry 2, Entry 3 and Level 1 qualifications are intended for young people and adults who are not yet ready for employment but for whom a job is a realistic aim within a reasonable timescale. 

The Level 2 qualification aims to help learners develop employability skills within occupational settings, allowing them to build on their employability skills and acquire transferable skills that will help them progress in their current situation and in the wider world of work.

PSHE & Life Skills

Personal and Social Education helps students lead confident, healthy and responsible lives.

Students in 6th form follow AQA Personal and Social Education courses ranging from Entry Level 1 to FS Level 2.

The course is structured to enable schools to select combinations of units which best meet the needs of their students. The 12 units collectively reflect the programmes of study for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE): personal well-being and economic well-being and financial capability.